Al-Karam Paddy Separator


MGCZ Series Paddy Separator is an ideally important machine for rice separation procedures. It is chiefly used in Rice Mill Factories’ rice grain separation process. Our latest premium quality Paddy Separator

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The MGCZ Series Paddy Separator is a crucial machine in rice processing projects, specifically designed for separating coarse grains.

It serves as the ideal equipment for dividing a mixture of paddy and brown rice into three distinct classes: paddy, a mixture of paddy and brown rice. With its compact and beautiful design, the machine fits seamlessly into rice processing projects, optimizing space utilization.



◊ Compact Beautiful Design:
Sleek and space-saving design enhances overall aesthetics.

◊ Smooth Working:
Seamless operation for uninterrupted production.

◊ Low Noise:
Minimal noise emission for a comfortable working environment.

◊ Lower Power Consumption:
Energy-efficient performance for cost savings.

◊ Efficient Separation:
Effective separation of paddy from brown/raw rice.

◊ Automatic Stop Function:
Automatically stops when the input tank is nearly empty, preventing operational issues.



  MODEL      CAPACITY    POWER     DIMENSIONS            (mm)             WEIGHT       (KG)  Price A. Discount Price
MCGZ-40X20X20       5.0 ~ 6.0     2.2 1727 x 1981 x 2067                1200 ON CALL ON CALL
MCGZ-60X20X20     10 ~ 12     3.0  2400 x 2100 x 2600 1500 ON CALL ON CALL

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MCGZ46X20X2, MCGZ60X20X2


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