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Different Types of Rice Processing Machines or Machines Used in Rice Mills


Agriculture is an important source of livelihood in Pakistan. There’s a need for agriculture-related industries to increase employment opportunities for the people associated with the agriculture industry. Rice Mill’s business is profitable enough in the countries like Pakistan.

By choosing the right Rice Processing Machines from a reliable manufacturer, you can set up your rice factory. So, Machines Used in Rice Mills or Rice Milling Machines are vital.

Rice is one of the premier crops in Pakistan. It is the second bigger crop that provides food to its population. Pakistan is the 10th largest producer and 4th largest exporter of rice globally. These factors make the rice milling business highly profitable in Pakistan.

Before setting up a rice milling plant, it is necessary to get information about different types of Rice Processing Machines used in the rice factory. You can get a piece of advice from a rice mill consultant to set up your rice factory.

This blog post is guidance about different types of Rice Processing Machines. In the following lines, you can read about different Rice Milling Machines to help set up a rice mill.

Types of Machines Used in Rice Mills:

Now, we take stock of different types of Rice Processing Machines in the following lines:

Cleaning Machines Used in Rice Mill:

We are going to explain about a type of Machines Used in Rice Mill that cleans large, small, middle, and light impurities and uncleanness from paddy grains. These are proper pieces of equipment for a rice factory.

Such machines include;

Paddy Cleaner:

Paddy Clearner 20TPH Main by
Paddy Clearner 20TPH Main by

Paddy Cleaner prepares paddy efficiently for the next machine by cleaning dust, straw, small particles, and stones from paddy. It’s a fundamental unit for the rice mill plant. Paddy Cleaning Machine prepares the paddy for the upcoming process. Thus, sieves process clean paddy with ease. Paddy Cleaning Machine is specially designed to clean impurities from rice and wheat, corn, peanut, and oil-bearing materials.

Combi Cleaner:

Combi Cleaner cleans paddy before sending it to a rice processing plant and storage. A high-tech sieve is installed to separate big, small, or medium-sized impurities from rice. It is helpful for rice and cleans other crops like wheat, corn, cashew, peanut, etc. It’s equally handy for other crops as it is for rice. So, our modern Combi Cleaner is a machine with multiple uses.

Combi Cleaner features an elegant design, a double-decked sieve, and a first-class seal. The Cleaner is a good fit for big impurities of grains of different crops.

Vibrating Cleaner:

Vibrating Cleaner cleans rice from dust and dirt. It gives shine to rice and makes it more appealing. Polished rice is attractive for customers in the market. So, it performs a key role in boosting sales of rice.

It also removes the light, medium, and heavy uncleanness. Its double-deck sieves eliminate heavy and light dirt from the rice grain.

Processing Machines Used in Rice Mill:

We introduce a few other Rice Processing Machines here;

Rice Destoner Machine:

Rice Destoner Machine is essential equipment in a rice factory. It has similarities with cleaners, but it performs a little bit different rice factory operations. It removes stones, heavy contaminations, and other high-density material from paddy grain. It removes big or small stones from the paddy.

Paddy Husker Machine:

Paddy Husker Machine removes chaff out of rice grains in a factory. It performs Rice Husking and Paddy Hulling process. It is proven equipment for a rice milling factory presenting less rice breakage and superb effectiveness.

Paddy Separator:

It is an important Rice Processing Machine for rice separation in a rice factory. The machine performs the process of rice grain separation.

Rice Thickness Grader:     

It is handy equipment that separates brown rice and polished rice grains based on thickness. The machine separates undersized and oversized rice grains by revolving cylindrical screens.

Rice Parboiling Plant:

Rice Parboiling Plant performs the process of converting vitamins and minerals from bran into the grain. The machine soaks, heats, steams and dries up the paddy before milling by hydrothermal process. Water and steam change the natural cereal into parboiled rice inside the plant.

It adds vitamin B in rice through a specific process. The equipment also guarantees less percentage of broken rice grains. It gives a specific hardness to rice grains. The hardness retains even after cooking and increases the taste of the dish.

At the end of the process, steaming dries rice and adds nutritional elements. The process in Parboiling Plant enables rice to store for a longer time.

Color Sorters and Rice Whitener Machines Used in Rice Mill:

Now, we’ll explain about different color sorters and Rice Whiter Machines Used in Rice Mill;

Rice Color Sorter:                                                                

The Rice color Sorter machine separates rice grains according to the colors of raw rice.

Rice Whitener Machine:

The equipment whitens brown rice by adopting advanced techniques. The machine has useful functions to give whitening to rice grains.

Grain Dryer Machine:  

It is a piece of special equipment for the drying process in a rice factory. It removes moisture and water from rice grains and dries them up. Thus, the grain dryer machine makes rice protected for storage and makes rice fit for hulling. The hot air blower fixed inside the machine helps get the desired degree of drying.


After buying your desired machine, you need to install it in your rice factory. For the installation purpose, you need trained staff. You can only get first-rate Machines Used in Rice Mills or Rice Milling Machines and trained staff to help you while installing the equipment by a reliable manufacturer of rice pieces of equipment.

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