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How to Improve the Performance of a Rice Milling Machine and Get Good Output?


Rice Milling is an essential process in a rice factory. It transforms rice grain into an edible form fit for human eating.

Rice is the diet of millions of human beings in the world. Many mouthwatering dishes are made of rice. In many countries like the Philippines, rice is the main food of the country’s big population. In Pakistan, rice is the second bigger crop and food of a big population.

It shows the importance of Rice Milling Machines or Machines Used in Rice Mills. These machines perform an important function. Rice Processing Machines remove hulls and bran from paddy grains. Rice Polishing Machines produce polished rice. All these machines play key roles and prepare rice for the market.

It is necessary to improve the performance of Rice Milling Machines or Machines Used in a Rice Mill.

We’ll try to explore those factors which help to improve our valuable Rice Milling Machines or Machines Used in Rice Mills.

How to Improve Performance of a Rice Milling Machine and Get Good Output:

Rice Milling Machine is an important part of a rice mill. It is used to separate the bran and the endosperm to produce white rice and brown rice. The milling process can be done manually, but it is more efficient when done by a machine.

The amount of improvement during milling is dependent on different aspects such as a variety of paddy, the degree of milling required, the quality of Rice Milling Machines, etc. Commercial milling systems process the paddy in stages. We say the process is multi-stage rice mills.

Rice milling minimizes grain breakage and produces polished rice grain by reducing mechanical stress and heat increase.

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Different Factors to Improve Performance of a Rice Milling Machine and Get Better Output:

The rice milling process involves cleaning, husking, separating, polishing, whitening, grading, color sorting, packing, and weighing. We need to follow strict procedures while using Rice Processing Machines or Rice Milling Machines to get a good output.

In the following lines, we’re going to write down some factors to improve the performance of Rice Milling Machines and get better output.

Accurate Moisture Condition:

The process of milling should be at an exact moisture condition. Accurate moisture condition in a rice mill is essential for the quality of the rice. Moisture content is measured by a moisture meter before and after drying.

The moisture meter is used to measure the percentage of water in a rice sample. The reading on the meter will indicate if the sample has too much or too little water. Ideally, it should be about 12% to 13% for good quality rice.

Pre-cleaning Paddy before Husking:

Pre-cleaning Paddy before husking is an essential step in a rice mill plant. It removes all the impurities and unwanted materials such as stones, weed, mud, sand, and straw. Cleaning keeps the next process smooth and guarantees the better performance of Machines Used in Rice Mills.

Use of Paddy Separator:

Another factor in increasing the output of Machines Used in Rice Mill is using a paddy separator. Paddy separators are mostly composed of three main components: an intake funnel, a rotating cylinder with blades that remove dirt and other foreign materials from the raw material, and a discharge chute. The rotating cylinder can be fitted with either one or two blades depending on the machine being used.

Removing unwanted material from the paddy increases the output of Machines Used in Rice Mill or Rice Milling Machines and enhances their performance.

Two-Staged Whitening, Grading the Rice Milling Process:

The two-stage whitening process is a new way to improve the performance of rice milling machines. The process consists of two stages, the first being a pre-whitening stage and the second being a final whitening stage.

This process has been developed to reduce the amount of energy used by rice mills and increase the quality of milled rice.

Regular Maintenance and Replacement of Spare Parts: 

Regular maintenance and replacement of spare parts is an important step for the Rice Milling Machine. It helps to improve the performance, minimize the breakdowns, and prolong the lifetime of the rice mill machine.

The regular maintenance includes:

  • Cleaning of any dust, dirt, or other debris that may have accumulated on any part of the rice mill machine
  • Checking if any loose or broken parts need to be tightened or replaced
  • Checking if any loose bolts, nuts, or screws need to be tightened up
  • Checking if any cracks in the drum may cause it to break down in future use
  • Checking if there is enough oil in all areas and levels of the rice mill machine

Operating Rice Milling Machines or Machines Use in Rice Mills with Assigned Method:

Operating Rice Milling Machines with Assigned Method is a set of instructions needed to operate the machine.

The instructions are divided into two parts:

The first part is about the safety precautions to be followed. The second part is about how the machine should be operated.

This method also contains a list of the tools and materials needed for operating the milling machine.


We conclude our discussion on the point that by following these guidelines, you can improve the performance of the Rice Milling Machine and get better output.

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