Rotary Valve L300 is one of the important equipment used in rice factories. Al-Karam Rice Engineering (Pvt.) Ltd. is the best option to buy it.

Rotary Valve is used to handle a bulk of the material, pneumatic conveying systems, and dust collection in a rice factory. It regulates the flow of rice and maintains consistency during rice processing.

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Precise Air and Material Handling:

The Rotary Valve, also known as an Air Lock, is a vital component integrated into the cyclone system used in rice processing plants. It serves a crucial function in controlling the flow of air and materials between different stages of the system, ensuring efficient and reliable operation.

The Rotary Valve consists of a rotating rotor with vanes or blades housed within a cylindrical chamber.

The rotor is designed to create a seal between different sections of the cyclone system while allowing the controlled transfer of materials.


  • Top-notch performance and a wide range of material handling
  • Exceptional cleaning capability
  • Wide range of accessory option
  • Durable and reliable
  • Different pressure application
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L300 12 Inch ON CALL ON CALL

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