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Is Rice an Important Cash Crop of Pakistan, and how is it contributing to the Economy?


Is Rice an Important Cash Crop of Pakistan, and how is it contributing to the Economy? It’s 100% true that Rice is an important cash crop of Pakistan. Pakistan is one of the leading rice producers and exporters in the world. By volume of rice export during the year 2021-22, we can estimate the importance of rice crop for Pakistan. Pakistan exported Rice for $594 million during the current year. According to the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS), Pakistan witnessed a 19% increase in rice exports compared to the rice exports of the last year. High-quality Rice Mill Processing Plants are the need of the hour in the country.

The volume of rice exports and foreign exchange earnings indicate the importance of the rice crop for Pakistan. These facts and figures make Rice an Important Cash Crop of Pakistan.

Rice Production in Pakistan:

Pakistan is on the list of largest rice producers in the world. Pakistan produces 6 million tons of Rice each year. In 2021-22, rice production reached 9 million tons in the current year. During the current year, we witnessed a record boost in the rice exports of Pakistan. South Asia produces 25% of the world’s paddy rice. Pakistan’s part is imperative in South Asia’s paddy rice output. Fertile lands of Sindh and Punjab are suitable for rice cultivation. Millions of farmers and land laborers rely on rice farming as their chief source of employment.

The most famous rice varieties grown in Pakistan include the Basmati and coarse Rice. Basmati rice is a good type of Rice famous for its quality and taste. Basmati rice comprises 40% rice production, and coarse type comprises 60% rice production. These factors make Rice an Important Cash Crop of Pakistan.

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Varieties of Rice in Pakistan:

There are three prominent varieties of Pakistani Rice.

First, Basmati rice is a variety of long rice grains with aroma. Fertile lands of Punjab and Sindh are ideal locations for its cultivation. One of the largest irrigation systems is there in Pakistan. So, it’s the ideal locality of its cultivation. Pakistani Basmati rice and Basmati rice of India and Nepal are the best in their quality.

Pakistan is the home for this popular variety of Rice in the world. That’s the reason which makes Rice an Important Cash Crop of Pakistan.

Second, Irri rice is a variety of medium-long grains. The lands of Sindh are most suitable for its cultivation. So, farmers of Sindh grow it and get a higher yield compared to Basmati varieties of Rice. Irri variety of Rice is one the modern varieties of Rice. It is successful on Pakistani soil because of solar radiation and abundant irrigation water. 

It’s much better than local varieties. Farmers get three to four times much yield by cultivating it.

The third variety of Pakistani Rice is cold tolerant. It has bold and short grains.

The fourth variety of Pakistani Rice is Japonica. It’s rounder, thicker, and harder in comparison to other varieties of Rice. The climate of Swat is hospitable for the harvest of this variety of Rice. High altitudes of the beautiful valley are suitable for its yield.

Areas of Rice Yield in Pakistan:

Many areas of Pakistan are suitable for rice yield. Districts like Sialkot, Wazirabad, Gujranwala, Sheikhupura, Gujrat, Faisalabad, and Kasur are apt for rice cultivation in Punjab. Sindh, Jacobabad, Thatta, Larkana, Badin, Dadu, and Shikarpur districts are important for rice farming.

Hafizabad is very famous for Rice. It’s called the City of Rice.

Punjab and some areas of Sindh are important for the harvest of Basmati varieties of Rice. Farmers of Sindh cultivate an irri variety of Rice because many regions of Sindh are good for its yield. These fertile lands of Pakistan are a precious asset to make Rice an Important Cash Crop of Pakistan.

How is Rice an Important Cash Crop of Pakistan?

We give a few more evidence of how Rice is an Important Cash Crop of Pakistan for many reasons. It plays different roles in the Economy of Pakistan. We discuss its different roles in the Economy of the country.

Firstly, it plays its part in fulfilling the country’s food requirements. It’s the second staple food after wheat.

Secondly, Rice is an important source of income for the people of Pakistan.

Thirdly, the rice crop contributes to earning foreign exchange for the country. Being the 10th largest producer and 4th largest exporter of Rice, Pakistan earns foreign exchange by rice crop. For example, Pakistan exported Rice of almost $594 million in 2021-22. The barter trade with neighboring Afghanistan is in addition to this export. 

There are various climatic conditions for the harvest of rice crops in Pakistan. 

The United Arab Emirates is the largest importer of Pakistani Rice, and it imports almost 13% of Rice out of the total rice exports of Pakistan.

India has emerged as a greater competitor of Pakistan in the rice trade. India is selling Rice at such a price that is lower than the price of Pakistani Rice. In this way, India is giving a tough time to Pakistan in the world market. Our neighboring Iran has good business relations with India, and Iran is a great buyer of Indian Rice compared to Pakistan. Though Iran buys Rice from Pakistan yet, it also imports Rice from India. Iran buys big volume of Rice from India than Pakistan. India is offering a lower price of Rice to Iran. It’s another reason for rice trade reduction between Pakistan and Iran.

Pakistan should address these issues. It should establish good relations with a next-door neighbor to increase its exports.

A few countries are dominating the world’s rice markets. Those countries include Vietnam, Thailand, Pakistan, and India. These four countries supply 70% of the world’s total rice exports in the world. Thailand is the top exporter of Rice. Along with these countries, Pakistan is standing atop rice exporter globally.

So, these are the reasons which make Rice an Important Cash Crop of Pakistan.


How is Rice an Important Cash Crop of Pakistan, and how is it contributing to the Economy? We discussed this fact from different angles and concluded that the rice industry is contributing a lot to the Economy of Pakistan. It gives employment to many people in Pakistan, fulfills its food needs, and earns foreign exchange for the country. High-quality Rice Mill Processing Plants for Rice Mill factories are available at Al-Karam Rice Engineering (Pvt.) Ltd.

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