Pakistan's First Ever Grain Color Sorter Machine

Al Karam Rice Engineering Pvt. Ltd. is a leading provider of rice processing machinery in Pakistan. As pioneers in the industry, we take pride in introducing the first-ever Color Sorter Machine to the Pakistani market. This groundbreaking achievement has positioned us at the forefront of technological advancement in the rice processing industry.

Committed to shaping the future of rice processing., we continuously strive to enhance the quality and efficiency of our products. Our flagship product, the Color Sorter Machine, is meticulously designed to meet the evolving demands of the modern rice processing industry. It offers exceptional efficiency, accuracy, and reliability, ensuring the highest quality output.

Holographic Camera

260 million pixels + self-repairing loop lens can realize a higher identification of metarial

Number of Vibrator - 10

Number of Chute - 10

Number of Camera's - 20

Number of Ejector's - 70

4G Connectivity

Empowering High Speed Online Services with Unparallaled

Number of Sorting Board - 10

Number of Lights - 04

Number of Background - 02

Number of LCD - 01

Intelligence Sorting

Intelligent (Picture Capturing Technology) matching sorting plan meets different requirements

Number of LED Card - 02

Number of LED Control Card - 02

Number of Vibrator Card - 03

Number of Fan - 10

Elegant Artistry

A Seamless Blend of Beauty, Simplicity, and Dimensionality


Cutting-edge LED optical design system, more energy saving and durable


RGB full spectrum technology with flexible change of 16 million colors

Smart Image Algorithm

Cutting-edge SOC & intelligent algorithms enable faster operation & processing capacity for maximum performance

Smart Frequency Ejector

Low air consumption high end customized valve with more than 12 billion firing times

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CHAIRMAN & CEO: Visionary Leadership and Inspiring Message_

Al Karam Rice Engineering Pvt. Ltd. is driven by a deep sense of pride in providing farmers and the rice industry with cutting-edge rice achinery, ensuring the production of the finest quality rice.

As the Chairman & CEO of our company, I, Ansar Abbas
Rana, firmly believe that equipping farmers and the rice industry with the latest technologies and innovative ideas can contribute to the production of superior rice that can be esteemed for both domestic consumption and international exports….

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